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The unique museum under the sea, the beach and a water park

The Via Crucis underwater museum is a private project run by the company Blue Nautica, the reputable diving school and the motor vessel charter firm from Trogir. Thematically, it is the only museum in the world representing the “Way of the Cross under the Sea” and it is located in a beautiful, calm bay Jelinak at just 2 Nm from Trogir.

The Way of the Cross under the Sea

Driven by the desire to offer to their candidates and charter guests, but also to all other visitors something completely new and peculiar, the Blue Nautica team came up with an idea of creating the own museum under the sea, comprising a private beach with a water park. The underwater museum depicts the Way of the Cross comprising of all 14 stations, and being placed under the sea, it is the one of a kind in the world. The permanent display of the museum comprises of 14 stations with 52 real-size statues in total and an 8-meter-high statue representing Jesus Christ as the 15th Station, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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