At the Columbus regatta, organized more than 25 years ago on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Columbus discovering America, the maxi cruiser named ACI No. 1 and ACI’s young crew set off across the Atlantic. That was the first boat to sail through foreign waters, cross the Atlantic and stay in America under the Croatian flag.

Many people and plenty of knowledge and skill were needed to sail such boat. The same phrase can be used to describe the history of establishing and managing the largest marina chain in the Mediterranean. Adriatic Croatia International Club today is a system of 22 marinas and two anchorages, strategically ideally distributed throughout the Adriatic coast, from Umag at the very north, to Dubrovnik at the very south of Croatia.

This year, 2018, will be marked in ACI by great business zest and capital investments. By devoting ourselves to reconstructing our marinas, expanding our system and raising the level of our offer and service, we want to present more to our guests. We are also doing that by harmonizing our communication channels with modern trends and implementing the new ACI application, as well as the new concept of the printed and digital edition of our annual catalogue ACI No. 1.

Our intention is to present the new catalogue format of all ACI marinas in a completely new form – the form of a yachting, lifestyle and luxury magazine ACI No 1 – to the readers and users of ours services, boaters – boat owners and guests. The magazine is an annual issue in four languages that will encompass the most important information for boaters, as well as interesting things, exclusive reportages and lifestyle topics for the target set of readers who live the sea and aspire to achieve the ultimate accomplishments in various aspects of social and economic activity, while at the same time nurturing a hedonist philosophy of life.
Hoping that each following issue will mark a new, successful stage on our journey, we wish to thank all those who took part in preparing the first issue of the magazine named after the project; all the people whose knowledge and skills, and, most of all, love for the sea and sailing, were crucial for reaching the goal of the issue and achieving superb results.

To all our guests and boaters in the Adriatic, we wish you fair winds and following seas.

Navigare necesse est.

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