Following the most successful business year since its establishment, ACI is in full sail, continuing its voyage in 2019. In each new boating season, by improving every one of our 22 marinas, we strive to raise the bar in the standards of nautical tourism by a notch. Similarly, the second issue of ACI No. 1 magazine also takes a step further, in comparison to last year’s one, in its design, the quality of the content, and the selection of topics.

On the front page you can see that the largest investment in the history of ACI has come to fruition and that first boats are entering Marina Rovinj, the most modern and considered by many the most beautiful marina in the Adriatic, whose design and technological solutions match those of world’s elite destinations, putting Rovinj on the nautical map of Europe in its exclusive segment. The marina with 196 berths, where yachts of an average length of 17 metres can moor, can also accommodate yachts up to 35 metres in length on annual berths and boats up to 100 metres in length on short-term visitor berths. ACI and Rovinj have deserved it, and we would like to welcome you there.

The 2019 issue of ACI No. 1 brings a whole new catalogue of all our marinas with photos taken last season, and stories of extremely interesting people with topics spanning all spheres of social life. Signed with ever present hedonism, it enters the lives of people who marked 2018 in particular ways, from the world’s best footballer and the world’s best female chef to the most prominent writer of contemporary European literature and the world-famous car designer.
We believe that with this issue we have met, if not surpassed, the expectations set in the first issue of the magazine. We invite you to continue sailing with us and the only thing we can promise is that it will be bold, fast, windy and in style; in short, it will be No. 1.

Fair winds and following seas to all our guests and boaters in the Adriatic!

Navigare necesse est.

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