By: Martinija Bekavac, Executive Director B1 PLAKATI Stimulating innovation in the media scene through changes B1 Plakati was started in 1998, at the time when high-quality and innovative communication channels were in short supply in the advertising market, and advertisers were looking for new ways of approaching clients. Having a clear vision helped the company […]

MMK Systems

MMK Systems Booking Manager MMK Systems is setting trends in yacht charter industry with its product Booking Manager. Booking Manager System is the largest global distribution system (GDS) in the yacht charter segment offering a total of 8,500 boats available in real time from 600 charter operators in 350 destinations around the world. Its thorough […]


Photo by: MUSTO Ltd MUSTO Fabric technologies The English sailing brand MUSTO is known worldwide for its high-quality products and modern materials they are made of. The UPF and UV protection What is the UPF and UV protection? The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating indicates how many units of ultraviolet radiation a fabric blocks. This […]