Photo by: Petar Fabijan ENRICO MAROTTI World surfer champion Last summer, Croatians celebrated the silver medal won at the World Cup tournament on streets and squares with enormous enthusiasm. Indeed, there are still those who will claim that the silver medal that the Croatian team brought home from Russia is just as good as the […]


Photo by: Nigel Marple/REUTERS/PIXSELL DENNIS CONNER Mr. America’s Cup People who have climbed to the top of the world in any field emanate a special kind of energy. Mentality, confidence, attitude and body movements in natural born winners are somehow different. Dennis Conner is just the exception that proves the rule. Although nearly eighty, in […]


Photo by: Petar Fabijan NENAD BAKIĆ Varteks must become the most innovative fashion house in Croatia In early 2018, on its 100th birthday, the former textile giant Varteks was on its last legs, burdened with debt, with workers leaving and retail sales decreasing. Nenad Bakić became the new Chairman of the Management Board. The well-known […]


Photo by: Manuel Kovšča MATEJA BENEDETTI Slovenian sustainable luxury fashion designer In each of my Benedetti Life collections, there is an underlying message about animal and plant species that humans have endangered. Rose Valley (Rožna dolina in Slovenian). The name calls to mind a place that is ideal for a person who enjoys being in […]


Photo by: Ford FORD IS BACK IN THE GAME In early 2018 a new team of people came to Ford with an important mission, to once again bring one of the world’s most important car brands back to the top. The first and crucial step was to establish a new and functional partner network in […]


Photo by: Jurica Galoić/PIXSELL DOMAGOJ ĐUKEC Head of Design for BMW Tailor of the best BMW suits In the past, some car designers were also called “tailors of steel”. The name comes from special versions of the Ferrari, Rolls Royce and similar exclusive cars that were tailor-made for customers. Domagoj Đukec, designer of Croatian origins, […]


Photo by: Pagani HORACIO PAGANI Automotive exotica His first workshop was in a small room at home, where he made car models out of wood and Nesquik tins; later, at the age of fourteen, he discovered the world of Leonardo da Vinci. Having explored the legacy of the greatest genius of the Renaissance, who made […]